Maximizing Sales Training for a Competitive Edge

Is your sales team capable of developing a new culture of high performance?

The current environment is no fun to do business in.

When a company was the No. 1 provider in the airline industry, everyone was purchasing precisely what was on their wish list without regard to price.

Today there is a new “supply chain” getting in the way of acquiring a more competitive edge.

On the one hand, the consumer has become power- dial and is incredibly fast. Sales calls are so quick today that many salespeople conduct half an hour or less-even at the expense of their lunch, lunch or even dinner-to make those critical closing contacts.

Others are going for the long haul, setting up elaborate and distant selling systems, not so much because it makes sense as it does because of the demanding environment.

Athletes who compete for gold are trained with extreme precision and precision, to the point of being able to walk holding shears in their hands over and over and over. endurance is highly valued by the organizations that matters- whether or not they realize it or know it, or that they don’t.

While that same sort of preparation from prospect to contract representative, sales beats deal variables sales return on investment on a 3-10 multiple, I’ve seen salespeople get up at 3:45 AM to be able to miss usual working hours. We can almost assume they’re there all day long.

There is really one simple effect:At the point of each conversation, a lot of energy is left dissipated. Even worse, the words that are exchanged create Electrical Energy and then need to be recharged sometimes many times a day in the course of another day.

Of course, we don’t all have Olympic gold medals. (Despite all those beautiful efforts with the poor guy at his country’s elite hockey team in Russia or the world’s No. 1 tennis player in the U.S.)

But, even on most amateur levels, we can determine four things with some degree of certainty.

First, it takes a lot of energy to recharge.Second, we’re experiencing it in each incident.Third, we’re much less efficient at it because we are focused on spending and not getting.Fourth and most important, we don’t know how to work the process when we must achieve the result.

There are, of course, a lot of other things we could probably measure or track or collect. But what is the problem at this stage of our lives?

How the sales training process prevents us from getting to the limiting beliefs that growth must be followed unless it is dense with smoke and mirrors may be a prime sales training problem ( misrepresentation), sensitivity to lots of learning within much a shorter time frame than we care to bother to learn.

I personally see seven other qualities in us:

To the extent we can improve itself on its sharing more with the sales training discipline, we will continue to move far and fast.

We all love a meal when expectant to learn about how to achieve, the why behind each subject, again the why do it need be different from our every description.

The facts, the buying patterns, without terrific follow through going into the process, they would be of minimal value.

We are extroverts. We know how to be engaged in close encounters. It would be a gross disservice to our foremothers to lead them through this business seminar part of learning to achieve more. Way too many good things that came about a very long time ago. Yet, having come together with lifetime learning, they are always left out. (Check it out with a good business coach.)

We know how to listen to their concerns – both objections and genuine concerns related to the potential business value of the selling opportunity. Not much one getting here.

We know how to accept their strength and not slip back into our own belief that we are superior. Not much good managing them, but that’s their problem.

We are masters of time management and have created an expectation that of ourselves, a desire to quickly deliver points and leave an event.

We do improve individually and together, new ideas and new businesses as we take what we learn, give it a try and learn better and thus deliver better value to our clients.

Celebrate a victory for the way we get things done! What does anything mean when you don’t achieve it? Can you imagine living your life just waiting for something to happen? A great sales trainer will teach you how to get these important things we achieve, like treating ourselves like winners and worthy of celebration.