UTM Data Security and Ethical Principles

University of Tennessee, Knoxville is one of the largest and one of the most famous University’s in the state of Tennessee. It is a public institution, and it is a very prestigious and important institution in its field of education. The University was established by the state of Tennessee and the university is located in the heart of the state capital, Memphis. It is in this city that the University has been able to attract students and faculty that study and teach the relevant sections of the various colleges and universities within the University.

Since the University has been able to establish itself as a great educational institution, it has also been able to attract a great number of researchers and students that specialize in the areas of information technology. These students and researchers are also vital in the industry these days as they are responsible for the advancements in the field of information technology. However, without a solid data protection plan, the students and researchers would not be able to have the knowledge and the tools they need in order to be able to achieve success in their studies.

The data protection plan is pivotal for the security of these students and researchers. By implementing a data protection plan, colleges can protect their important files and records against any threat or risk. This guarantee of security is crucial for the University of Memphis to maintain its first-rate educational programs. However, since the Internet has made its way into the daily lives of most of us, it is essential that institutions such as the University of Memphis secure their data with similar strategies in place so that the same level of protection is provided to all.

So how are institutions such as the University of Memphis able to secure their data? They have several security systems in place, such as their surface unit, which is a system that protects the surface of the building. They also have several surveillance systems that monitor the areas within the building that students and employees are permitted to access. Looking out of the windows on the second story of the building, which are facing the park, there are several surveillance cameras. These cameras are specially designed to monitor the activities of students and employees as well as to capture any crimes that may occur.

Outside of the institution, there are several security guards who monitor the entrance to the building. These guards have been programmed with different behavior and they will follow the rules of the building in such a way that any illegal access will be deterred and prevented. Surface units’ and surveillance systems’ presence has made several changes within the building. For example, the entrance to the computer labs has been made Gates or control boxes. These boxes are located at different points of the building and they are programmed to open only when there is a special someone or somewhere inside the building.

These security guards and cameras are highly capable of detecting any illegal access to the building and will prompt the user for entering through the required authorized areas. Anyone who does not have a key or a passcard will not be allowed entry to the building.

Another way in which the University of Memphis is able to secure its resources is through its network. The network is a huge network of computers all linked through the Internet. Computers from all over the world connect into the network, and the Internet sends information from one computer to the next, usually through the connection of computers in the same area.

The network is protected by means of firewalls, which prevents unauthorized access to the network computers. Presence of phishing devices such as fake bank messages and solicitations,Trojans and worms, and crackers are some of the possible threats that connect to the Internet improperly. The proper functioning of the firewalls and the computers will thwart the entrance of these threats. Firewalls are software programs that are capable of altering the characters or the whole structure of data packets traveling through the network.

Of late, there has been a growing concern about the computer viruses. There have been viruses that trace themselves back to the University of Memphis. There are viruses that can locate themselves within the hard drives of other computers. Then, they can replicate themselves to form new viruses, which can further damage the computer’s hard drive.

Because the University of Memphis is a public research university, it is subjected to the same threats as other government agencies do. When it offers its unique services, it Corporation has to be protected both physically and figuratively. For this purpose, anti-virus software and other computer protection software is vital.

Be sure that your anti-virus software is updated and upgraded frequently. Or, install software from the biggest and most well-known names in the industry.